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We know that acting as executor is a difficult and emotional task. Our experienced probate lawyers will take the weight off your shoulders by ensuring that the estate is dealt with as in a timely and efficient manner. Trust our probate lawyers to handle your estate matter.

Probate plus...

Our probate lawyers know that estate administration will sometimes require advice in other areas of law including criminal law, family law, conveyancing, debt recovery, and litigation. When you engage our probate lawyers you do so with the confidence that our practice also employs solicitors with expertise in a range of wider legal areas.

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If your loved one has lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves, we can help you obtain orders in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT Guardianship Division).

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What is probate?

A grant of probate appoints the executor as the legal representative to administer the estate of the deceased according to the Succession Act and terms in the will.

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What people say:

Getting the grant of probate was more involved than I realised; I'm glad I didn't try to do it all myself.

The estate paid for all the legal fees so it cost me nothing.

I had been putting off having my will done for years because I thought it would be expensive but in the end it only cost me $250.

My dad thought he would save money by using a DIY will kit from the post office but there were so many mistakes that all it did was cost us thousands of dollars in legal fees.